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Keepsake Bears – Clothes Preparation Guide

Now that you’ve selected which clothes you’d like to use for your keepsake bears, what do you do with them now?

The first thing you need to make sure of is that you have enough clothes for the Memory Zoo item that you are having made.

keepsake bears with a cape
all bears need a cape

Keepsake bears need between 7-9 items.

The exact number does depend on the size of the clothes used. Tiny (premature baby or newborn) will need the upper end but larger sizes, the lower end.

You can check out the price list here to make sure you have enough clothes for your keepsake bears and animals.

You can include more items if you have a lot that you love. That’s quite alright but please don’t give us masses and masses of your favourite clothes! We don’t have anywhere to store them!

Once you have your clothes all picked out, then you need to wash them (according to manufacturers labels). Garments that have been packed away for a long time – even in a clean and dry place – can smell unused and musty.

Washing them freshens them up for the exciting transformation ahead.

There’s no need to iron the clothes as we will iron and prepare your garments as part of the sewing process, so don’t worry if they are a little on the crinkled side. We’ll get rid of those naughty wrinkles in the studio.

keepsake lion
keepsake elephant

You might find that there are stains, holes or ‘thin’ fabrics in the clothes that you have chosen.

Usually, it is possible to cut around holes or stains to exclude them from the keepsake bears, as they can be unsightly, but if there are a lot of holes or stains, then it can be challenging to do this.

If there’s an item that you love, but it’s got a lot of damage to it, then it’s a good idea to add an extra item of clothing, to make up for the garment that can’t have much fabric used from it. By adding a further piece of clothing, it ensures that we will have enough material to make your keepsakes bears look completely beautiful!

Very occasionally, stains may make their way onto the keepsake bears if there is no other option.

When you are supplying us with clothing that is very well worn and thin, this isn’t usually a problem as we back the clothing onto 100% cotton lining.

Backing the clothing ensures that we can use the most loved garments without worrying that the shape and longevity of your keepsake animals.

Without a robust lining, your keepsake bears will lose their shape over time.

keepsake duck
keepsake giraffe

Keepsake Bears always look best if you have chosen clothes you love, that’s the most important thing of all.

Have a read of this blog here to help you determine which clothes to use for your keepsake bears and animals.

After you have laundered your clothes, then you can send them off to us at the address on the online keepsake form.

Any Questions?

Talk to us!

If you have any questions, then please go ahead and email us at

You’ll be talking to Katie who orchestrates the smooth running of Memory Zoo and is more than happy to talk about anything on your mind.

Although she can talk about baking, sewing, gender equality, politics and dogs, she definitely excels at keepsake bears and memory animals.

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