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A Memory Teddy Bear Isn’t Just For Kids!

memory teddy bearsI’m lucky enough to get to make so many beautiful animals and memory teddy bears every week in the studio, but I do get excited when something a little different comes along.

The excellent Faye from Freelance Mum (FM) asked me to make an FM mascot.


memory giraffes



She supplied me with a wonderful and gloriously pink FM t-shirt to make the body of the memory teddy bear, but she instructed me to go wild with the wings, wand and skirt.
I should just say a teeny word about FM and what it represents. FM is a networking group for women with children.

That’s right, child-friendly networking!

memory teddy bear with a tutuThere are crafts to occupy the kids, time to network, fabulous speakers and Cake.

We don’t just all go for The Cake.


FM has been a life saver for me as I spend a good deal of my time alone with the sewing machine, which can get rather lonely. And might well explain why the animals I make take on such distinct personalities.

And this FM Fairy was no exception!

The fabric was a very stretchy, sports fabric that didn’t like being ironed. It was also resistant to be being attached to the cotton lining fabric, but with a bit of persistence, I managed to get it to adhere.
this little memory bear has got wings

I know I harp on and on about the importance of lining the fabrics, but honestly, it’s the most essential step! If the material isn’t lined correctly (no matter what fabric it is!) then the final animal will be misshapen when stuffed.
The beloved memory teddy bear, wouldn’t end up looking like a bear at all.
The seams will also be put under pressure as the fabric that we often work with is usually reasonably well loved and can, therefore, be a little thin.

Without lining, the memory teddy bear simply won’t last the years.

And the aim of the game is to give you something you can love for years to come.
memory teddy bear with wingsI asked Shaney to make the wings and the wand, as she got excited when I mentioned it to her and I could tell she had a vision! So, she ran with it and made the most glorious fairy set to go on the bear.

They indeed are fabulous with gorgeous ribbons and twirls.

The front of the FM t-shirt has the logo on the front, so I thought this would make an excellent pocket to go on the front of the fairy bear.

I used embroidery software on my Mac to create the perfect sized pocket to fit the logo on, which I then transferred to my embroidery machine.
keepsake pocket with logoI also added an ‘F’, and an ‘M’ to the paws of the bear, as they just had to get on there somewhere!
With the bear nearly completed I turned my attention to the skirt. I thought to myself, ‘Why have a skirt when you can have a tutu?’
So I made a massive tutu from about 4 metres (yes that much!) of tulle and sewed it in place. I adore that luscious, long skirt.
I popped the pocket on over the top of the edge of the skirt, sewed on the wings and put the wand in place.

I LOVE this memory teddy bear.

memory teddy bear with wandAnd I LOVED making her.

The fairy bear has been named ‘Flo’ by the FM community and she can be followed on Instagram by typing in the hastag #flothefmfairy.

If you’d like to order your own fairy bear or other keepsake animal, then go ahead and join our waiting list. You can add wings, wand and skirt to your order, individually or together.

Your wish is our command!

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