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3 Things To Consider Before Having Your Memory Bears Weighted

memory bearsWhen you fill in the Memory Zoo Keepsake forms you will have to make the decision about whether or not you’d like to have your memory bears or keepsake animal weighted to your child’s birth weight.

Before you make the decision, there are a few things to consider.

  1. How much did your baby weigh?
  2. Which keepsake animal do you want to have made?
  3. What do you want your keepsake to feel like?

So, let’s go with the first one first…..

1 – How much did your baby weigh?

keepsake lionThere is usually no problem weighting most memory bears and keepsakes (for exceptions see #2) if your baby was under 8lbs 7oz but after that, it starts to get really quite difficult.  We use a heavy metal shot to bring the memory bears up to the required weight but for the smaller animals, we just can’t make them heavy enough!  There simply isn’t enough room.  That’s not to say that the large animals can’t be weighted to more than this – they can – but a baby feels quite different in weight (even when it’s technically the same!) to a birth-weight memory bear and it can be quite surprising how heavy the finished keepsake can feel.  We check and re-check them but please allow +/- 0.5oz for the difference in scales.

2 – Which keepsake animal do you want to have made?

The only animal that can’t be weighted is the giraffe.  The legs give way – even if we weighted the legs and the body – it just doesn’t work!  Memory bears are the most popular choice for weighted keepsakes but elephants, lions and ducks work just as well.  If you have a large animal made then we can make the keepsake heavier, if you had a baby that weighed more than 8lbs 7oz.

3 – What do you want your keepsake to feel like?

keepsake animalThis is really important as it’s possibly the biggest difference between weighted memory bears and ones that aren’t.  Weighted keepsakes by their very nature have to be more solid.  They are generally not that cuddly!  That said, if you choose a larger animal then we always stuff polyfibre stuffing around the weighted sections so that the fabric doesn’t feel hard to the touch.  This isn’t always possible if you choose a smaller animal or a bear.  The type of metal shot that we use is quite forgiving and moves slightly when you touch the surface of the keepsake so it’s not unpleasant, but it is different from the regular memory bears.

If we don’t think that you’re going to get a good effect then we will let you know.  More than anything we want you to have a beautiful keepsake that makes you happy!

If you’d like to join the waiting list then you can do so HERE.

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