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Why I Do What I Do

A family photo! I’m wearing Simplicity 6390 and the Child is wearing Vogue V7819.

When I made my first little unlined pouch all those years ago I had no idea where my sewing journey would take me and how important needles and threads were going to be in my life.  My hobby became not just my work but a primary foundation and marker of who I am.

I am a woman, a seamstress, a mother, a wife.

When I originally made my Memory Zoo animals I had no idea where the sewing journey was going to take me but I knew that I was walking along the correct path for me.  I have had masses of jobs over the years – some awesome, some not so awesome – but it wasn’t until I came to call myself a seamstress that I was finally in a job that not only made me proud but resonated with my core being.

After a few years of making my MZ keepsakes for hundreds of happy customers I kept hearing the same phrase over and over, ‘You’re so clever!  I wish I could do that!’

The truth is I’m not at all clever, gifted or otherwise.

Being a creative person is a choice.

I choose to be creative.  I choose to sew.  I have of course chosen it so many time now that it’s now utterly impossible for me to choose any other path!

So after hearing this phrase, day in and day out, I decided that I would do something to help people express their creativity and bring the wonderful craft of sewing to them.  Put the sewing balls in their court.  With this in mind, I started offering beginner’s sewing workshops where everything was supplied – patterns, fabric, machines and of course me!  Where my students didn’t have to think about anything other than turning up and engaging their creativity.  Where they could be free to find their sewing mojo.

Helping A Student With Her Top Stitching

And these workshops have been great!  I’ve met lots of awesome people and we’ve had a blast.  There are lots more people now who can sew and have been started on their sewing journey.  And lots more who have been given a lovely refresher course and move forward with a little more confidence.

With the two aspects of my business high up in the forefront of my mind – both the Memory Zoo keepsakes and the sewing lessons – I realised that I wanted to bring them together.  I wanted people to be able to make their own keepsakes.

I knew that the pride they would get from making these would be phenomenal!

But the keepsakes I make on a daily basis are too hard for the average sewer, and certainly not suitable for beginners.  They wouldn’t be setting themselves up for success by trying to make them.  They are just too hard.

It’s so easy!

So I designed keepsakes that people could make with ease and feel the delight of making for themselves, without the very real fear of a Pinterest Failure.  No one – least of all I – wants that!  So I have created the very first Make-It-Yourself Memory Zoo Keepsake Kits.  You get two patterns in each box as more than anything I want you to create a memory, from a memory by making it with someone you love.  I’m calling these the ‘Make Together Collection’.

The keepsake kits will be available on the 12th November and will include the very special, easy to follow pattern; all the stuffing, buttons, and bits and pieces needed; instructions and links to my FB group where you can show off your skills, follow me on LIVE broadcasts or just ask questions.  I will always be around to help you create the perfect keepsake.  And I promise you, you will be so pleased with yourself that you had the courage (and the support) to be able to make it.  I know you can do it!

I am insanely proud to share my journey with you in the next in the series of Mumpreneur On Fire.

The kit doesn’t include the fabric for you to use as that is personal to you!  Your child’s first baby grow?  Your dog’s blanket?  A pair of curtains from your childhood bedroom?  Your old school uniform?  (Almost) anything is possible!

I am absolutely driven to help you preserve your memories through sewn items – whether that is made by me, or by you.  It’s a privilege to have what might be the best job I can think of!

I also have the very great honour of being part of the writers who are publishing their own unique stories in the upcoming Mumpreneur On Fire 4.

#3 is available from Amazon and is a Bestseller in several categories.  I am thrilled to be part of it and can’t wait to share my own story with you in the coming months.

So that’s me and why I’m doing what I’m doing!  Any questions, as always, go ahead and ask.

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