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Super Cute Capelet Challenge

My quick drawing of the cape and what I wanted it to look like.

I decided at breakfast this morning that Baggy Pants needed a cape, poncho or caplet to wear over her dress to her auntie’s wedding on Saturday.  I already made her flower girls dress (there will be a blog about that at some point but haven’t quite got round to writing it yet…) and I just felt that to put a cardigan over her wonderful dress was a bit of a tragedy.

I did look for a cardigan the other day but there was nothing that I considered Awesome Enough.  They were all white, pearly and oddly grown up.  Like she was a little old lady that had been shrunk down.

I folded the paper into four to make a perfect circle.

Anyhow, whilst Baggy Pants was in her gymnastics class this morning I sketched out a quick idea of what I might make for her if I could swing the time to do it.  I knew I had a teeny, tiny bit of time this afternoon (about an hour and a half) so whatever it was that I was going to do was going to have to be quick.

Half unfolded you get a semi circle. The strait edge will become the centre fold line.

Then we carried on with our morning whilst I mentally mulled over how I was going to bust this out in the time allowed.  I had a sneaking suspicion that I had something in the attic that the cape could be made from but off the top of my head I couldn’t quite remember what was up there.  Once I’d dropped Baggy at nursery I shimmied up there to take a peek.

I drew out the pattern for the scallops. I had to do it a few times to get it right. I wanted the front to be shorter than the back.

Our attic is a glorious hoarding place of everything that doesn’t fit in our house but that we still love.  There are ornaments (removed when Baggy was learning to walk and grab but have yet to be reinstated), mirrors, antique cameras, camping equipment and of course boxes and boxes of fabric.

Glorious, wonderful, every-sort-of-type fabric.

Pin the pattern on the fold of both the lining and the main fabric.

I dug through the boxes (all labelled) and came up with an old blanket that had a few holes in but was wonderfully soft and yummy.  Perfect for the lining and for staying warm.  And then I found two different types of woollen tweed type cloths – and black and orange one – and a purple and pink one.  Since the bridesmaids are all wearing pink of any hue then I figured this would do the trick.  Warm and pink – BINGO!

Cut out the fabric.

Next I had to figure out the pattern.  I had already measured Baggy Pants before she went to nursery so I had a vague idea about the size of the cape but definitely needed a pattern due to the scalloped edges of the cape.  I wasn’t planning to make just a circle!  Why make your life too easy, huh?

Main fabric unfolded. You can see the wonderful shell like shape here. I was starting to fall in love with the wee caplet at this point!

I drew out the pattern and had a play around with the paper before I cut into any of the fabric.  With this in mind I doubled over the paper so that I could unfold it and have a paper replica of the cape.  This way I could get an idea of how it would look.  When I was happy with the general shape I went ahead and cut one lining and one outer layer of the fabric.

The lining is made from an old super soft blanket. It had holes in it so couldn’t really be used for anything other than to be up cycled. I am very pleased that I managed to find it a new home and lease of life!

I pinned them together (right sides of course!) and sewed them up.  I left the turning hole in the neck line as that was the place that I figured it would be the least noticeable after the cape had been turned.  Once the cape had been turned I topstitched to give it a super swishy feeling.  Pop on a button and a button hole and voila!  We have a pretty neat little capelet that swishes, flows and is warm.

Plus it looks insanely awesome.

Sew both fabrics together (right sides together of course!) leaving a hole for turning. I allowed for a 1.5cm seam allowance.

And Baggy Pants LOVES it – so that is a win!

I’d love you to give this a go.  It really is super easy.  Let me know how you get on and if you need any help.  Remember that you can join me in my Facebook Memory Zoo Sewing Community and ask any questions or share your sews!


I completely adore the cape and how it’s turned out. It was a hasty project but so worth it!
The back scallop hangs lower than the front and will sit beautifully on the big whoosh of Baggy’s flower girl dress.

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